Making a Difference

10 guiding principles for Manningham Rotary

(David Alexander; Past Club President and Past District Governor)


  1. Enact the ideal of service as a worthy way to 'give back' to the community
  2. Promote friendship and fellowship based on high ethical standards, common courtesies, humour and caring
  3. Seek the active contribution of members through collaboration with like-minded people
  4. Minimise the management structure and associated processes and positively foster member's involvement in decision-making
  5. Leverage the expertise and strengths of our members involvement in Club activities accordingto their capability and capacity
  6. Use modern communications technologies to expedite business and expand Club activities
  7. Be relevant to a younger group by being flexible and responsive to their needs
  8. Provide experienced Rotarians to mentor younger members
  9. Offer those of limited finances a way to participate by contributing in kind
  10. Communicate with schools in our local community