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Bowelscan 2017


Why Introduce a Program of this Nature?

Cancer of the bowel is the most common internal cancer to affect men and women in Australia, and is second only to lung cancer as a cause of cancer related death. 

Australia, like the USA, has one of the highest incidence rates of colorectal cancer in the world.  The USA has already adopted colorectal cancer screening on a national basis.

The lifetime risk of developing cancer in the bowel is 1 in 24.  The chance of contracting Bowel Cancer increases progressively from the age of 40.  You increase the risk of Bowel Cancer 2 to 3 times if you have one or more close relatives who have had Bowel Cancer or polyps.

In Australia, about 11,000 Australians will be diagnosed as having bowel cancer this year and about 5,000 will die of the disease.

However, early detection of bowel cancer gives you a 90% chance of being cured.

In 2003, the Rotary Club of Manningham introduced Bowelscan to people basically in the Manningham City Council area, operating through seven Pharmacies, where test kits may be purchased and completed kits returned, normally during the month of May only, on an annual basis. In 2012 we are operating during June.

Now, a majority of people living in the suburbs east of Melbourne have access to participatingpharmacies, with the support of local Rotary clubs. But more needs to be done to make more people aware of bowel cancer.

We are saving lives, with 11 persons having cancer and 27 persons having polyps (likely future cancer) removed, during the 7 years to 2012 (19 men and 19 women).

Important Quotes for all

“My surgeon told me that Bowelscan had saved my life” – an older lady wrote in her letter.

“Why are you taking so many photos of the pharmacist and myself”, asked the bowelscan co-ordinator?  “Your bowelscan program saved my mother’s life”, replied the photographer, continuing to snap away.

“Your bowelscan program saved my Auntie’s life”, said the very pleased young bank teller.

“I’m glad I was convinced to have the recommended colonoscopy, following the positive test result, as Bowelscan saved my life”, said the grateful lady.

“A Rotary Club’s first President had bowel cancer detected by Bowelscan and wants to do everything to help spread the message”.

For your family’s sake … beat bowel cancer through early detection.  $10 could save your life  ... waiting for symptoms to appear, is waiting too long! 

For lists of particpating Pharmacies, CLICK ON THE APPROPRIATE LIST:

Melbourne Suburban Pharmacies

Mornington Peninsula

Victorian Country East

Victorian County North

Victorian Country North East

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