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Viktoria - our new inbound exchange student

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Dear Host Club,
My Name is Viktoria. I am 15 years old and I live in a little town in Schleswig- Holstein, which calls Plön. I live here with my
parents, Volker and Heinke, with my little sister Theresa, she is 12 years old and our cat, she calls Elsa. I love my family very
much because I can tell them everything and I also love it to do little trips with them, like driving to the Baltic sea and go
Swimming or go shopping in Hamburg.
I think I am a strong person, because I like to try out new situations. But in unusual surrondings I am a bit shy and have to get
to know the situation first.
At the Holidays I often go with my family on vacation, because I like our family holidays very much. And I also have done
exchanges with some students from my class or school. I was for one week in England and for one week in France, it was an
offer from school and it was a great time with lots of nice experiences.
In my next autumn Holidays I am going to fly alone with my friends to Greece and there I will go to sailing for one week with
In my freetime I often go sailing, because I love to do something in nature, where you have fresh air. I also like to go
swimming, because here in Plön it are lots of lakes and the Baltic Sea is also not far away.
I have good friends in my class and I have lots of friends at our sailing club, who are very nice and with them you can have
lots of fun, for example we go in the cinema or cook and bake and they also help each other if one has problems. And I
appreciate to have a good relationship with my class, my friends or with my family, because I think it is very important that you
have someone with whom you can talk about your problems, hobbies etc.
I love it to travel a lot because then you see a lot of different countries, you meet new people and learn something about other
cultures. And I want to see a lot of the world.
At school I have twelve subjects, which are English, French, Latin, German, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economic
and Politics, History, Art and Physical Educations. My favourite subjects are French, English, Maths and History, because I
like languages very much and I think it is also very interesting to learn something about our past.
In summer after school I go twice a week sailing and meet my friends or do something for school and in winter I go once a
week to train for the sailing season and I go with my sister or friend into the cinema or to the swimmingpool.
I am Christian and confirmed, but I don't go to church every Sunday but on Christmas I do because for me it belongs to
Christmas to sing carols and watch the nativity play.
I live in a little street a leit outside from Ploen, where we have a big nice house with lots of rooms. I have my own room with a
bed, a wardrobe, a cupboard and a desk, where I can study in rests.
In summer I often go to school by bike which is about 5 km and in winter my dad takes my sister and me in the school.
There are also things that I don’t like. I don’t like fish, but I try it. I also dislike it if I am not taken seriously.
I already have plans for my education and my career. After my exchange year I want to take my A-level and after that I want to
travel and collect new experiences or go to university. But I think I have time to think about what to do after I school. But now I
am eager to collect lots of experiences in my exchange year and maybe after that I know what to do after school.
Thank you for being my home for one year.
Yours sincerely Viktoria

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