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Monthly Report Romy Mesfin

 This month has been pretty busy for me. I have begun teaching kinder kids english every Thursday afternoon as well as working with the Year sevens or Quatrième on their Australian topic. I have been settling into school well and have begun taking texts and writing essays in French. At times this has been challenging but I was extremely delighted to receive an 8 out 20 on a  maths test recently. Might not be much but is definitely a start I think! 

Another highlight of my month was definitely attending the National Youth Exchange Conference in La Rochelle with nearly 600 other Rotary exchange students from around France. It took a total of 10 hours in the bus to get home and on the way there we visited the chateaus de Chenonceau and Chambord. The weekend was an amazing experience and I was able to meet not only with all the Australian Exchange students in France but also from all over the world. The President of Rotary International was also present and talked to us about what we can do with the opportunity we've been given during our exchange and how to profit from it after we have left our host country. 

I will be changing families after I return from the Euro Tour which is something I am both very sad and excited about. I will be living on a farm with horses and might even be convinced to get on one. 

À plus! 


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